The Worst Website Ever Made On Purpose

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The Worst Website Ever Made On Purpose

Post by Riddick » 07-12-2019 02:09 PM

There are plenty of ways websites make things unnecessarily difficult for users. Design firm Bagaar has plopped all the most common user interface sins into one hilariously unusable website, called User Inyerface. It's a game of sorts, one that pits your patience against your frustration.

The website is a gauntlet of nearly impossible-to-parse interactions as funny as they are infuriating. In one case, the colors for the male and female selection options in a personal info form are reversed compared to expectations: the white-backgrounded one is the selection, while the blue-highlighted one is the one you're not picking—and there's no non-binary option, either, of course.

In another example, clicking to minimize a pop-up causes it to slowly—painfully—drop one pixel at a time out of view in a motion Ars Technica's own Lee Hutchinson called "majestic... it's like a submarine slowly descending to the depths." (He's not making a compliment, really.) And as for the CAPTCHA, well, those are always a bit of a pain, but this one is a Dark Souls boss in UX form.

Yes, you need to create an account and log in, but that in itself is part of the game. If you manage to go more than two minutes before you're ready to pull your hair out, you'll get an education in everything you should not do in building a website. If you want to read about the game before you try it, Ars Technica has the full story.

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