As Long As Humans Have Access To Email, Phishing Will Work

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As Long As Humans Have Access To Email, Phishing Will Work

Post by Riddick » 05-09-2017 03:40 AM


Everyone keeps telling you about the hackers. You knew about the hackers. Yet know it or not, it happens all the time: Curiosity always gets the better of humans. Phishing emails will never stop duping people.

Just last week countless Gmail users across the internet received the same phishing email at the same time, inviting them to click a link to a Google Doc. All of the emails seemed to come from someone the recipients knew.

When they clicked the link, then clicked on a dialogue box asking them to allow access to “Google Docs,” their contacts list was used to send the same phishing email to even more people. It’s not yet clear if the attack also installed malware once the link was clicked.

Someone clicking a link in an email can lead to their political party being hacked during a heated election, or to one of the largest breaches of credit card information in retail history. And one study shows that, even when warned about the perils of phishing multiple times, people will keep clicking those links.

Companies can lose troves of sensitive data as a result of our ceaseless need to know. Organizations can spend millions on intrusion detections systems, and they can install patches to each new strain of malware as it’s discovered.

But they’ll never be able to fully convince workers an old friend, current colleague or even a former dentist, in fact, has forgotten all about them, and doesn’t have any documents left to share. FULL STORY

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