The Cat With The 1,100 Mile Wanderlust

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The Cat With The 1,100 Mile Wanderlust

Post by Dr Powerfun » 10-04-2019 12:34 PM

Cats are curious creatures and natural wanderers. A 2½-year-old tabby called Bandit surprised its owners last year by wandering nearly 1,100 miles away from home in Dearborn. He ended up traveling to Tampa, Florida.

Bandit, according to its owners, the Sanborns, was born and raised on a pontoon boat and used to prowl the neighborhood a lot. But this was his most ambitious trip yet. Thankfully, he was traced back to the owners by a Tampa based pet hospital through his microchip nearly two months after his disappearance.

Here are some possible explanations as to how Bandit could have strayed that far and why this is a remarkable feat.

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