A New Update

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Dale O Sea
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Post by Dale O Sea » 06-26-2006 08:08 AM

Thanks for the update Art.

Awaiting your return.
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Post by WestBorder » 06-26-2006 08:15 AM


Thanks so much for your update! The MOST important thing about this strange, wild ride you are on, and in sense, we are all on with you, is that you are HAPPY and THRIVING!! :D

All things happen in their time, and we know that you will be back on the air consistently sooner rather than later.

We know it's hard to be patient, but we also know that the results will be more than worth it.

We are listening.

Thanks again, Art!


P.S. Corregidor looks like it would be a moving, yet thrilling experience.
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Post by Bellisima » 06-26-2006 09:28 AM

Thank you, Art! No matter how long it takes, we'll wait for you. You're the greatest and we love you. :)
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Post by Shirleypal » 06-26-2006 10:58 AM


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Post by celestlyn » 06-26-2006 03:01 PM

Art, I miss you on the air. George and Ian are doing a fine job, but I still miss hearing you. Will be glad when we can once again hear your voice in the night. Blessings to you and Airyn.

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Post by Waverider » 06-26-2006 03:38 PM

So good to hear from you again, Art.
Thanks for the update.

Maybe apply a lil' more grease to the palms? :D
Might speed things up a bit?

Happy to know the kitties will be flying over soon. First class, hey;)
Hope they get their steak'.

I bet you're glad Airyn is doing the paperwork...lol' fun huh.

Waiting patiently to hear you again on air.
It's harder for us Gemini's, isn't it.

Note to Airyn... Art is high maintence, isn't he...;)
But he is worth it.:D


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Post by HurricaneJoanie » 06-26-2006 07:01 PM


Thanks as always for the update(s)! It's a frustrating situation, but it will be FIXED. Just keep at it until it's broadcast-ready and in the meantime, ENJOY LIFE without any guilt or worries!

Oh -- and have Airyn make some nice pots of tea for your cold. You'll be well in no time.

Your pal in the ol' home state,
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Post by tiffany » 06-26-2006 09:44 PM

Thank you Art for the update. You sound very happy and so does Airyn. That is great. Hope you stop smoking so you can have many more years added to this happy life you are living.

We will wait for the show to go on so do what you have to and we will be patient.

Have lots of fun and get well. Give kitties and Airyn a hug from us.

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Post by Iris » 06-26-2006 11:01 PM

Image Art, thanks so much for the update!

I'm glad you and Airyn are so happy. Guilt won't do anything good, so go for it and enjoy. Image

As for your health, please consider sticking to the blood type food groups as outlined here. You'll feel better, you'll get fewer colds/flus, and you'll probably live longer and happier. Works for me and everyone over 40 I know. Give it a try! http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~sshapiro/E ... s_TOC.html

Image I'll bet the kitties will be happy to see you and vice-versa.

We're all eagerly looking forward to your return to the airwaves. Image
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Post by alfa119 » 06-27-2006 12:06 AM

well I can not wait to see if you can be on the air art... I can only suggest voip as a possible solution..

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Post by OidarAM » 06-27-2006 01:01 AM

Thanks for the needed update!

Don't ever worry about going on toooooo long when you write! I love it!

That makes me feel good that the cats ride first class. I will be so glad when you post some new pictures of them at the new condo.

Please make sure there is no friken way the cats could fall out a window!!

I bet they will be having so much fun checking everything out. I do hope your new wife likes cats!

Does she miss teaching the kids?

I sure understand how you felt Art, I have gone through that and thought I would just waste away real quick. The worst time of my entire life.

You should pat yourself on the back. You got your rear in gear and did what it took to go on with life. It had to be double hard in some ways with so many questioning your choices.

The ride continues >> take each day and enjoy it!


I will be waiting!

God Bless you Art
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oooops forgot

Post by OidarAM » 06-27-2006 01:09 AM

PS ART>>your old buddy Matt Looper did a 2 hour show on doom and coming weather changes! On the Sci-Fi channel this past Sunday>>I thought of you the whole show.

We get the last laugh on Matt boy!!

I wonder if he recalls how poorly he treated you on his show? the pinhead
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Cherry Kelly
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Post by Cherry Kelly » 06-27-2006 09:15 AM

ART -- patience -- in this day and age its still the best thing we have going. Glad to know you two are happy...also anxious to hear how the kitties do when they arrive.

Was so enjoying the discussion with Hoagland about planets -- and so frustrated (as am sure you were) when the lines kept cutting out and they had to go to a rerun.

I do hope they get things working so you can be back to live shows soon! Truly miss hearing your voice on the air.

Best wishes for speed in solving the airwaves situation!

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Post by Lockhart77 » 06-27-2006 09:26 AM

Hi Art :D
Thanks for the update
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Post by suesuesbeo » 06-28-2006 01:22 AM


I'm glad to hear from you, and your doing good. I can't wait to hear you on the air

But how about Tower? Is he alright? I never heard what became of him.


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