My Letter To Art Bell

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Hilda Sophia
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Post by Hilda Sophia » 04-16-2002 07:55 AM


I've only called a talk show a couple of times. Once the screener cut me off and I'm not sure why. I think one of the problems in calling in is that you are all excited about talking, are put on hold and then suddenly you're on the air with the host and sometimes don't react fast enough. They all seem to want to keep the show moving.

Don't take Art's hanging up on you personally. Your story wasn't what he wanted at the time. That's just the way it goes.

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Post by daboodaddy » 04-16-2002 01:29 PM

It is true that "old saws" of broadcasting do not identify or do not tolerate the cases of "nerves" many people get when they call in.
It is too bad, because many of the nervous ones may have something valuable to say.
But patience does not equal to ratings and approval of the ones who pull the host's chain.

Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"
Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"


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