But aliens don't exist!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by Riddick » 08-05-2017 02:53 AM

kbot wrote:
08-04-2017 05:41 AM
Doka wrote:
08-03-2017 09:21 PM
Riddick wrote:
08-03-2017 08:37 PM
Prison planet? Or alien looney bin?

Maybe both??

Humons is the craziest peoples!
Both...... Aliens need entertainment too, and humans are all too happy to provide it. :D
Yup, from the gladiator spectacles to The Kardashians, we have set new lows........... :mrgreen:
I can understand Kardashian kookiness catching their fancy but combative events? Silly - here I thought ETs' tastes in entertainment would lean way over on the all-in-fun side of the quirky and lighter, oh those goofy humons y'know, but NOoooo!

Watching us make fools of ourselves, that's one thing but what makes humons beating the snot out of each other something ETs want to see, I'd like to know?

Maybe they're SO advanced AND freakin' bored along with getting jollies from our humon follies, they also like to wager on when and how we'll destroy ourselves?

Still, no worries of ETs doing us in. That'd screw up the bet, so it's likely they'll let us self-destruct. Double or nothing on the next planet's dominant species!

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