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Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-11-2018 07:35 PM
by kbot
I mean, what do you say to this?????????

Never mind that the bishops (and priests) need to leave the kids alone in the first place!!!!!!!!!

Pope SHOCKS With Homily, Attacks 'Great Accuser' Satan For Exposing Bishops' Sins In Church Scandal

In a strange and almost tone-deaf homily delivered Tuesday morning, Pope Francis implored the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to pray and resist the "Great Accuser," Satan, who seeks to expose sin in order to divide the faithful.

“In these times, it seems like the ‘Great Accuser’ has been unchained and is attacking bishops. True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people. The ‘Great Accuser,’ as he himself says to God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, ‘roams the earth looking for someone to accuse,'” Pope Francis said, according to an official report in Vatican news.

He added that in the current times, "the Great Accuser, has been let loose and he's got it in for the bishops. True, there are, we are all sinners, we bishops." ... ly-zanotti

Re: Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-11-2018 08:49 PM
by Raggedyann
It has been obvious for quite awhile that the Pope cares not about the abuse of children. Makes ya wonder what he himself is capable of in this regard. Religion is nuts!

Well Isn't That Special!

Posted: 09-12-2018 12:29 AM
by Riddick
Have I got it straight: we have all these finger pointing victims wanting justice; yet OTOH, what ABOUT all the bishops and priests who AREN'T bad apples? The whole thing's a huge distraction from minding the flock and keeping it together -

So how can we split the difference, reconcile the two? How about let's talk about the REAL culprit behind it all. Could it be... SATAN? Yeah, that's the ticket

The Pope's just being pragmatic and centrist! On this issue that is...I guess all his high minded idealism is focused on fighting climate change and crapping on capitalism. How conVEEN-ient!

Re: Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-12-2018 12:46 PM
by Doka
For over 2000 years there has been the Catholic Church and the Pope (about 266 of them), the masses seem to believe, that these human men know something about "god " that they don't. At the End of The Trail, the corruption oozes out, and the faithful, become just as corrupt as those they follow , "guilty by association". These churches, Mosques, what ever, that ask you to overlook, hate, kill , convert or conquer is Not your friend, they are nothing more than political entities that ask you to do the same. And so many are willingly join these "Clubs of False Promise" Going over to "The Dark Side", knowingly or unwittingly is never a good idea. But , these days , joining in of what causes your own pain, is definitely in "Fashion". Bon Appétit. The infection rages on.

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Re: Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-13-2018 11:15 AM
by kbot
American bishops have arrived at the Vatican, and as they landed, the Pope announced a new investigation of yet another bishop.........

Pope Orders Investigation of West Virginia Bishop Over Sex Allegations

Pope Francis has ordered an investigation into allegations that West Virginia’s bishop, Michael J. Bransfield, sexually harassed adults, and has accepted the bishop’s immediate resignation.

The pope has assigned the Archbishop of Baltimore, William E. Lori, to handle the investigation and to take temporary charge of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, the church’s only diocese in West Virginia. The diocese is a small one, with about 75,000 Catholics.

In an announcement posted on the diocese’s website, Archbishop Lori said he would meet with clergy and lay leaders on Thursday and Friday, and that he had opened a hotline for tips.

The news came as Pope Francis was beginning a closed-door meeting in Rome with leaders of the United States bishops’ conference to discuss a renewed crisis in the American church over sexual abuse. ... ancis.html

Re: Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-13-2018 12:15 PM
by Doka
MMmm, closed doors? Now? Would that be to help THEIR Victims? Or not to have their orgy interrupted? :confused:

Re: Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-13-2018 07:15 PM
by kbot
Sickening Doka. Watching a news segment on EWTN and they're talking about how the US Bishops changed their own rules developed back in 2002, and rewrote them to exclude investigations of bishops. Nice........

Re: Can I get a collective head slap?

Posted: 09-13-2018 08:58 PM
by Riddick