George Knapp - Pierre Hotel Robbery/ Rethinking UFOs - 5/28/17

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George Knapp - Pierre Hotel Robbery/ Rethinking UFOs - 5/28/17

Post by Riddick » 05-26-2017 01:26 AM

Date: Sunday May 28, 2017
Host: George Knapp
Guest(s): Daniel Simone, Greg Bishop, Robbie Graham

Pierre Hotel Robbery/ Rethinking UFOs

First Half: Bobby Comfort and Sammy "the Arab" Nalo were highly skilled jewel thieves who specialized in robbing luxury Manhattan hotels, and one of their plots targeted the posh Pierre Hotel. Mob researcher Daniel Simone joins George Knapp to share a suspenseful narrative of Mafia intrigue, police corruption, and personal betrayal.

Second Half: What can we claim to know conclusively today about the underlying nature of UFO phenomena that we didn’t know in the late-1940s? UFO researchers Robbie Graham and Greg Bishop think UFO study has suffered from major organizational and methodological problems, and will discuss how we should re-frame the UFO debate - wiping the board clean.

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