Classic Knapp - Area 51 Revelations & ET Implants - 6/28/15

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Classic Knapp - Area 51 Revelations & ET Implants - 6/28/15

Post by Riddick » 06-28-2017 08:41 PM


C2C host George Knapp welcomed documentary filmmaker, artist, and researcher, Jeremy Corbell, along with John Lear, who discuss a new witness in the Bob Lazar story involving a man who knew Lazar when he worked at Los Alamos and ‘Nano Man,’ a scientist with his own secret underground lab working with cold fusion who claims to have help from extraterrestrials.

Also joining the program, for his first interview ever, was a man known as ‘Patient Seventeen,’ who went under the knife for removal of an implant which he believes to be of extraterrestrial origin from numerous abduction experiences.

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