Reap Benefits With The Blowing Wind

Sustainable and renewable energy.

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Reap Benefits With The Blowing Wind

Post by Watford Kanyon » 12-30-2010 11:19 PM

As children, we have wondered why we need such big wind turbines. But, now we understand the importance of these wind turbines, when we have learned about the decreasing combustible energy resources such as coal and petroleum. Wind has a lot of caliber which we are still unaware about. Wind turbines can provide more energy than the world’s energy consumption. Wind energy is known as the energy provided by the blowing air. It is one of the most reliable and dependable renewable energy forms, which requires a little bit of harnessing so that it can be conserved for the future. Kinetic energy produced by the wind energy is converted into mechanical energy with the help of wind turbines.

Wind is in excess during the day due to the sunlight. The uneven heating of earth’s ground cause the hot air to rise above the surface, the vacuum created by the rising air gives way to the cold air to fill in that place. This air blows over the wind turbines blades, which turns them and in return, the machines connected to this turbine starts to move.

World Energy Research is doing numerous researches to tap this energy in different ways. These projects require a lot of funding because the technologies and gadgets used in them are not cheap at all. This research field being the new place for investment, people are being encouraged to come forward and lay their money into these projects. In this way both - the company and investors benefit for this mutual decision in the long run.

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Re: Reap Benefits With The Blowing Wind

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 09-13-2016 05:22 AM

Best Wind Energy Turbine Crash/Fails Compilation! :oops:

Too much grease, maybe? :P

Too little concrete in the deep footing? :o

And catch one too many Kansas tornadoes passing through a wind farm! :shock:

:idea: It was rumored years ago out on the many bone dry and dusty southern California hills that there's hundreds of non working windmills. All dead in the wind due to no maintenance issues and aged turbines that never get replaced. We can figure the landowners wish them gone to the same place their rent money went! :P :oops:

Are these electricity mills the most expensive lightning rods not comparing that rank to tall buildings and church steeples? :oops:

Attn all bird watchers :!:

The big black bird that is struck by one blade is not an eagle, or a turkey vulture! If this video is in California it's the endangered California Condor! Look it over and tell us dedicated members what specie of bird you think it is! :oops:

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