Art Bell and WACO (A Classic C2C AM Show Special Report!)

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Art Bell and WACO (A Classic C2C AM Show Special Report!)

Post by Riddick » 04-25-2014 03:23 PM

"Remember Waco!" - cherry

A great idea, even insomuch any hardcore fan remembers (or otherwise knows) before big-time switching focus over to UFO/Paranormal/Cutting Edge Science topics, back when it was in-large still a far more traditional talk show oriented toward current events and their socio-political implications, Waco was a RAGINGLY HOT C2C AM topic that clearly hit a nerve -

Sad to say shows from that era are scarce, the program going into syndication around the time Waco went down - Yet Art being Art and NOT being anything fast forgotten, it stayed a show go-to topic now and again for some quite a while, Art himself in 1997 suggesting the siege was NO less than state sponsored terrorism, and such shockingly contemptible US governance ought not stand... much as yet would he do once more on September 2nd, 1999!

Apaches at Waco
Startling assertions made on the Art Bell Show
Posted in Usenet Newsgroup alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater


Joyce Riley of Gulf War illness fame was the guest on Art Bell's show last night, and she relayed a story told to her by a sick Gulf War veteran who was stationed at Fort Hood in April, 1993 (Ft. hood is 5 minutes flight time from Mount Carmel).

This unnamed veteran claims to have been with a support unit to the Apache helicopter fleet, and that 20 Apaches equipped with hell-fire/spit-fire missiles were part of the Waco operation (2 copters were present at all times at Mount Carmel).

He told Riley that when the Apaches returned the afternoon of the 19th, only half of the ordinances were aboard the copters. She didn't, however, charge that the missiles were fired into the Mount Carmel facility. But that was the inference.

Riley said that this info would be coming out in the Dallas Morning News, and she told this veteran that he should come forward publicly with this info. Riley also said that she spoke yesterday with Davidian attorney Dick DeGuerin, and after revealing this info, he said that is what he has known or speculated all along.

This veteran also confirmed that Delta Force was involved in the Waco operations.



ART: Listen, let me read to you what Matt Drudge wrote tonight and see if this resonates with you. Matt wrote, "A federal judge wants all Waco evidence, threatens government with contempt. According to Friday's Atlanta Journal Constitution, United States District Judge Walter Smith, Jr. has ordered the federal government to turn over all evidence relating to the Branch Davidian siege at Waco by the end of the month or face a contempt of court citation.

The Journal Constitution's Mark Englen and Tommy Witherspoon are reporting that Judge Smith has dismissed Justice's strongly worded 19-page motion in response to his original August 9th Order as an, quote, 'unwarranted and substantial burden.' Justice argued that Judge Smith's original request for all the evidence was too demanding.

Smith wrote, 'The Court finds this argument somewhat disingenuous since the government has been in possession of this material for six and one-half years and has been aware since 1996, when the civil suits were originally filed, that this material could very well be subject to discovery.' End quote.

He continued, quote, 'Additionally, the Court would have thought that the vast majority of the material now sought in this civil litigation would have already been compiled as a result of the various Congressional hearings held over the Branch Dividian matter.' End quote. Smith is set to preside over the Branch Davidians' wrongful death civil lawsuit scheduled to begin in late October.

So, here's a judge prepared to hold the U.S. government in contempt.

JOYCE: Well, I'm not -- I'm not threatened by that and I'm not -- I'm sure that they are not threatened, either. You know, the idea is that we have lost human lives.

ART: Well, they ought to be threatened. We had a president, whatever you think of him, good, bad or ugly, who held some courts in contempt and filed some special prosecutors, and it took a while, Joyce, but in the end, my god, they pried the evidence out. And so they better be concerned, because the Judicial Branch of our government is not to be ignored. They can't hold -- I hold them in contempt. I hold our government in contempt.

JOYCE: Well, I think every person does, but I think, for instance, they have just now announced that perhaps Mr. Rudman -- Senator Rudman will now be listed as the chief of the investigating committee on Waco. Well, he's the one that just headed up the Gulf War investigating committee and found nobody sick and there's no problem.

ART: We're now, all of a sudden, hearing, Joyce, that the Attorney General, who had just come in in the middle of this mess in Waco, may not, they say, have been told everything. You been hearing about that?

JOYCE: Oh, absolutely.

ART: May not have been told everything.

JOYCE: But, Art, how many people do you think know when an Apache helicopter -- twenty Apache helicopters are armed and are circling over a church? How many people do you think know about this? Do you think the Attorney General does? Absolutely, she does.

ART: Ought to. Certainly ought to. Now it was kind of hard to tell, because as you recall during the end, in days, they moved the media way, way back. Remember that?

JOYCE: Oh, yes.

ART: So, if that sort of thing was going on -- and I've also now heard it mentioned that the gas cannisters that were tossed in were flammable as well and could have started fires. They're trying to say, "Well, we tossed them in much earlier than the fire and while they could have caused a fire, they didn't, but they were not the primary cause of the fire." So, all of a sudden, everything they said then is BS now. Seems that way.

JOYCE: Well, and everything is turned around and contorted and deluded. I mean, maybe it was a Hellfire missile that ends up in a fireball that started the fire.

ART: Maybe it was. Maybe it was. God help us.

JOYCE: But, you know, colonels and generals at Ft. Hood don't just say, hey, let's send an Apache helicopter, fully armed with Hellfire Spitfire missiiles, 122-millimeter rockets.

ART: Yeah. Here's something that I, to this day, Joyce, do not understand. I watched the FBI briefings daily, as did so many Americans, and inevitably the FBI spokesman, you know, knowing there were women, children in there, said, "If necessary, we'll wait until hell freezes over," whatever it was, "We won't go in violently. We won't end this violently. We will respond, but we will not end it violently. We will wait them out." And then something changed.

JOYCE: Well, the stage had to be set to try and put the burden on them for having started their own fire. They had to set the stage that we're not going to do anything, so if anything happens here it will have been the Branch Davidians. But, you know, there were holes in the top of that church --

ART: I know.

JOYCE: -- prior to the time of the fire. There were people inside there that actually saw, including Dick DeGuerin, the attorney. Now you don't get holes inside that big unless they come from a helicopter -- an attack helicopter such as that. So what we have here is lie upon lie upon lie.

You can -- you know, there can be a million lies, but there's only one truth, and I think that our government is going to face the most difficult time in its near future now, and we're not talking about people to just be fired or slapped on the wrist for what they did; we're talking about a whole reevaluation of the people that are in power right now. Not the government. We like -- we love this Constitutional Republic, but there's got to be a total reevaluation of the people and the power that they now have.

ART: All right, Joyce, Hold it right there. Well, did you digest what you just heard? Fully armed, heavily weighted down Apache helicopters with the ordnance just described, coming back with about half of what they left with. I wonder where it went. To serve and protect, huh? And then, I suppose, at times to slaughter as well. From the High Desert, this is Coast-to-Coast AM.
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Post by cherry » 04-29-2014 09:32 PM

Riddick, the State never produced the Davidian front door with the bullet holes ..... The Texas Department of Public Safety "lost it."

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Post by Riddick » 04-30-2014 12:47 AM

cherry wrote: Riddick, the State never produced the Davidian front door with the bullet holes ..... The Texas Department of Public Safety "lost it."
Well, how freaking convEEEEnient! "Sorry folks, we looked everywhere, it's gone." Just like that and just that simple?

Yeah, right. If they didn't have it, where the flock DID it go? As a matter of course, big thick metal entrance doors generally don't just evaporate into thin air, do they - like we should believe a particularly peckish infestation of mineral-eating moths made quick work of it for lunch?

IMHO more likely it wasn't so much outright lost as merely "misplaced"... Like, say, instead of being stored in an evidence locker, it wound up in the department's secret trophy room!

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