Livestream Rape Claims Client ‘Did Not Understand’ It Was Rape

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Livestream Rape Claims Client ‘Did Not Understand’ It Was Rape

Post by Doka » 08-12-2017 12:09 PM

You will NEVER see this in mainstream media. Lets give the fellow ,Emil a million dollars, a home and free food and a public apology for creating HIS discomfort. :facepalm: :confused:

Lawyer of Migrant Who Filmed Facebook Livestream Rape Claims Client ‘Did Not Understand’ It Was Rape

The lawyer for a migrant who filmed the rape of a young girl in Sweden and broadcast it on a Facebook livestream claims his client was not aware his actions were rape.

Andreas Welin, the lawyer for Emil Khodagholi who was convicted earlier this year of defamation for filming the rape of a young Swedish woman and broadcasting the footage on Facebook, made the claim in an effort to have his client’s six-month sentence overturned. Mr Welin says he will take the case to the Swedish supreme court, Dagens Juridik reports.

Mr Welin wrote that the case will attempt to raise “several questions about what actually constitutes an offence, which criteria must be considered to obligate someone to reveal rape.”

He added that his client did not understand at the time that the actions of the other two men, 21-year old Reza Mohammed Ahmadi and 18-year-old Maysam Afshar, were rape. The lawyer also argued that Mr Khodagholi suffers from a mental handicap which could have impaired his ability to properly judge the situation.

The rest of the story: ... tand-rape/
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Re: Livestream Rape Claims Client ‘Did Not Understand’ It Was Rape

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 08-12-2017 10:25 PM


I decided long ago that these intellectuals born in the hot sun and sand of the M.E. are not of this world! They live and breathe just like the rest of us but their minds are in the gutter completely against what is thought to be civilized on this planet. Living in a surreal world of their own where just about everything wrong done towards fellow men, women and children is A-OK! :twisted:

And there's like 1.2 billion of them that have these similar thoughts! :shock:

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