White House: "We Are Concerned About The Market Selloff"

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White House: "We Are Concerned About The Market Selloff"

Post by Doka » 02-05-2018 11:58 AM

What goes up, does and can bust. A Gathering of Globalists can and more than likely will decide what they can't own they will try and destroy. The Stock Market is something that can be controlled by money or magic take your pick.

The thing is that markets(stock , any thing one puts money in, investments) has been Global Markets, for quite a long time. If there is a burp, bust, adjustment, what ever....? The whole world will experience it. Something, someone is pulling some very big money out of the Markets.

You can blame all leadership of every country for the possible "Shift", but it will have NOTHING to do with any of them. Trump made a mistake tying himself to the up shift, so he has also tied himself to the "burp" if it continues. :(

White House: "We Are Concerned About The Market Selloff"

Having proudly owned every uptick in the stock market since his election, Donald Trump has been rather silent for the past week when it comes to commenting on the S&P's recent reversal.

Commenting on just that, moments ago CNBC's Eamon Jeavers reported that the White House said Monday it is worried about the U.S. stock market sell-off.

https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02- ... et-selloff
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