Spontaneously Combusting Tortilla Chips Cause Factory Fires

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Spontaneously Combusting Tortilla Chips Cause Factory Fires

Post by Riddick » 07-20-2018 02:34 PM

Blazes at a tortilla chip factory in Austin last week were caused by a new blend of chips that "didn't work out so well." FULL STORY

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Re: Spontaneously Combusting Tortilla Chips Cause Factory Fires

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-22-2018 05:00 PM

Not too well! :oops:

A neighboring big citie's now retired firefighter on Rescue 3 with myself as a founding member & 1st chief of a close but more northern fire district, shared lots of fire/rescue services stories. He shared the most of course :shock: and our *T.I.C. operations were many at the top! 8)

One of the best involved a grocery store full of smoke. He was wearing their $25K Cairns IRIS helmet mounted, hands free, infrared camera as he went inside with the nozzle man. They quickly SAW the right isle the fire was in. Some bored dude had lit up one bag of potato chips among the rest of the selections. Once there he said, "Raise the nozzle,......a little bit more! OK! Hit it!" And out it went saving the whole store PDQ!

He had the view in thick smoke we'd been missing for thousands of years! 8) So this reported fire in Austin, TX was the spontaneous combustion of tortilla chips, full of spiced heat! :oops: :o

4 years back a neighboring small town lost it's only grocery store. Hmm! Who knows just maybe, eh?

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*Thermal Imaging Camera :mrgreen: During Desert Storm I knew the fire services would finally be able to see in heavy smoke for a price! With my lone periodic encouragements to the district's fire board and then active chief. Our FPD actually bought a helmet mounted, hands free "FireFLIR" from **FLIR Industries of Portland, Oregon for $19K! :shock: :wink:

**FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared
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