What Do You Get

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What Do You Get

Post by Riddick » 09-16-2018 07:58 AM

What do you get when you cross...

A hen with a cement mixer?
A brick layer.

An overheated Airedale with a comedian?
A hot dog that tastes funny.

A python with a porcupine?
Ten feet of barbed wire.

A football player with a telephone?
A wide receiver

A snowman with a shark?

A beef patty with a 50 foot gorilla?
Burger Kong.

A Cuisinart with a word processor?
Minced words.

A dyslexic, an insomniac and an agnostic?
Someone who lays awake at night wondering if there is a dog.

Chuck Norris?
A dirt nap. No one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

A joke and a rhetorical question?

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