Venezuela Supreme Court Judge Flees To US, Spills Secrets

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Venezuela Supreme Court Judge Flees To US, Spills Secrets

Post by Doka » 01-07-2019 10:57 PM

A warning to those who love Big Government. They will own you.

Venezuela Supreme Court Judge Flees To US, Spills Secrets Of Maduro's Hold On Power

The Venezuelan government “has only brought hunger, misery and destruction to the country” as a “failed state” — admitted a Venezuelan Supreme Court justice and longtime government loyalist who is now making headlines by his shocking and unprecedented defection to the United States. “I’ve decided to leave Venezuela to disavow the government of Nicolas Maduro,” the former powerful judge, Christian Zerpa, told reporters. “I believe Maduro does not deserve a second chance because the election he supposedly won was not free and competitive.”

Considering such a powerful and high level former regime loyalist has just safely fled to Florida with his family, could gaping fissures now surface within the Caracas government and begin to grow, resulting in more defections to come?

Zerpa told reporters while speaking from Florida on Sunday that he could no longer stomach Venezuela's highest court being a mere appendage of Maduro's ruling inner circle, complaining that since 2015 only handpicked insider loyalists were appointed to the bench. As Maduro is set to enter his second, six-year term in an oath of office ceremony on Thursday, Zerpa cited that "he didn’t want to play a role legitimizing Maduro’s rule when the Supreme Court swears him in," according to the AP.

He added further in a blistering critique of Maduro personally: “It’s not fair that a whole country should perish to satisfy one man’s lust for power.”

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