Top EU Coronavirus Scientist Resigns, Saying He Has 'Lost Faith in the System Itself'

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Top EU Coronavirus Scientist Resigns, Saying He Has 'Lost Faith in the System Itself'

Post by Doka » 04-11-2020 01:06 PM

He has lost "Faith" for good reason, we are Chin Deep in miss-information , out right lies, the Hateful "Fear Mongers" are doing Big Business! People keep listening to the Political Propoganda of Fear and Hopelessness, for the purpose Of Their Own Evil Agenda! Stop Listening! You are going to die when it's your time, not a minute before nor a minute later. What if you Live? Are you going to piss off the long days of your life sniveling (tearful state; whine, afraid) And groveling "Basket Case"? Then YOU are the one destroying yourself! Pooy on that crap!

Top EU Coronavirus Scientist Resigns, Saying He Has 'Lost Faith in the System Itself'

Donald Trump is getting pummeled from one end of the country to the other for the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic.

But compared to what's going on in some parts of Europe, Trump comes out looking pretty good. In fact, the top scientist in the EU has just resigned his position, saying, "I have seen enough of both the governance of science, and the political operations at the European Union."

The head of the European Research Council, Mauro Ferrari, got tired of running into a brick wall when he proposed ways to address the health crisis.

The Hill:

EU Commission spokesman Johannes Bahrke confirmed to The Associated Press that Ferrari resigned, effective immediately.

Ferrari said his rejected proposal would have provided scientists around the world with resources and opportunities to fight the pandemic, including diagnostic tools and science-based behavioral dynamic approaches to replace “the oft-improvised institutions of political leaders.”

Ferrari said he will return to the “the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, with real resources and responsibilities, away from offices in Brussels, where my political skills are clearly inadequate, and again at the true service of those who need new medical solutions.”

Like any true bureaucrat, the EU defended itself against this attack by citing impressive, but meaningless numbers.

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