Are Ghosts Haunting The British Museum?

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Are Ghosts Haunting The British Museum?

Post by Riddick » 05-21-2020 12:08 AM

Maybe Indiana Jones was wrong when he said, "It belongs in a museum"?...

On one occasion a guard bolted the double doors and moved on to the next room, only to be informed by a CCTV operator the doors stood wide open again. Video footage of the gallery showed them moving spontaneously.

Sometimes it’s a sudden drop in temperature, like the unnerving patches of cold air that linger next to the winged, human-headed bull of Nimrud at the entrance to the Assyrian galleries. Sometimes it’s the sound of footsteps, or music, or crying, where no obvious source can be found.

“These stories seem to suggest that the objects themselves are restless.” Is the British Museum's collection...homesick? FULL STORY

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