Idiocracy In Action!

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Idiocracy In Action!

Post by Riddick » 04-02-2022 06:47 PM

Imagine traveling into another dimension & having a truly OUT-OF-MIND experience... There's a signpost up ahead: Your next stop? The WOKE Zone

A DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PICTURES Very Special Short Subject Production

"Awright! Botha youse spread aught, it's time to sing the LGBTQXYZ song"

"So will we be doing this a capella?"

"Don't look at me. I'm not a biologist."

"But are you a dopey dick?"

"What are you insinuatin'?"

"Just tellin' it like it isn't is all"

"Well OK then. That's better."

"I'm a victim of soicumindecision"

"Oh for the love of -! Shut the hell up Kammy."

"Hey JOE! Hey NANCY! WOO-woo-woo-woo"

"OK on cue....An a one an a two an a three -"

Hello... ♪ HELL-O!!! ♪
Welcome to The United States Of Moronika
Led By The Three Knuckleheads Of State
* Moe-Joe, Larry-Nancy & Curly-Kammy*

- (There will now be a pause for more sensitive folks to dial down the sound so serene silence ensues) -
  • ♫ El-ay-Lez! ♫ Gee-ee-Gay!
    Bee-aye-Biggy-BI! Tee-Oh-Trans!
    Queery-u-Queue! Ex-Why Zee, A-E-I-O-YOU
One putrid performance later

"Well, that was a work of art if I do say so myself"

"I daresay that should have explained it all, eh?"

"What a woman is is in the mind of the beholdee"

"Dummy! Don't you get it? There is no definition"

"What? The dopey dick is on the other foot now?"

"I shoulda known better than to make you Veep"

"It's YOU who don't know dick! Whatta maroon"

"Lamebrain! You're ALL ABOUT pronoun trouble."

"What I do wit my pros is noun of yer beeswax"

"Why I outta...! Remind me to murder you later."

"Oops! I just noticed the microphone's still hot"

"WTF! Whaddya waitin' for? Kill the feed quick!"

"Too late! The foreskin's out of the trunks now."

"Listen up folks! Trust us! It's all Putin's doing"

"YEP! Toxic masculinity! Everything's his fault!"

"It's time all good whatevers be true patriots!!"

"If you love your country you'll sing, sing, sing"

I'M A LUMBERJACK & I'M OK --? Er Wrong Song
Our gender identities define thee
So crown thy good with LGBTQ XYZ hood!
(Don't ask folks how they pee...)

[So That's It? IS this really THE END ??
I haven't a clue!... I'm not a proctologist]
"Everything Woke turns to Image" - Donald J. Trump

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Re: Idiocracy In Action! 😎

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 04-02-2022 09:03 PM


The Twilight Zone's originator Rod Serling would spin up and out of his grave of he heard that!🌩 Well said though, to today's wokeness!

Gimme The Three Stooges and their real slaps and our laughs will be genuinely earned by them.

Hello... Hello... ♪ HELL-O!!! ♪

Welcome to The United States Of Moronika

Led By The Three Knuckleheads Of State

With these actors * Moe-Joe, Larry-Nancy & Curly-Kammy* :lol: :lol: :lol: not so much!

All classic qualifiers that the directors and producers Del Lord and Jules White could never get a peep of appreciation out of a short comedy in front of a 1940's cinema theatre audience! :P

Those lines were Stooge perfected lines alright! :lol: :lol: ROTFLMAO!

What a finish!😎

Woke times suck!🍼 🍭

MK II ∆=®™
.......all wasteful, climate changing wars. Begun again by the Red Blooded Royals, or by a bewitching god-like dictator, or any so called religion, or for any other reasons like a world wide virus pandemic! MK 4/26/15


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