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Posted: 03-26-2010 04:46 AM
by Joolz
racehorse wrote: I have to watch "Lost" now. It will be great tonight. ;)

I'm sorry to be off-topic, but I just read this, and had to say it made me laugh. :D Thanks, racehorse. :) "Lost" does, indeed, take precedence over all else for me as well on Tuesday nights. ;) (And YES, it was great!)

Meanwhile, In Britain

Posted: 01-03-2022 12:02 PM
by Riddick
racehorse wrote:
03-23-2010 01:49 PM
HB3 wrote:
It's sort of like David Icke -- I never took what he said literally

I hope not as he says he saw Edward Heath transform into a reptilian before his eyes. :rolleyes:
Speaking of Icke, reptilians & polls...!

Alien Lizards Are Ruling The Planet, More Than 1 In 10 Millennials Reckon
A poll of 2,000 Britons found 12% of people between the ages of 24 & 35 believe the world is ruled by lizards in human form - including the royal family and presidents. Just 2% of those aged 55 and older were convinced by the idea.

Andy Unsworth, 28, of Chesham, Bucks, said he was open to “out there” ideas. He said: “Although it sounds absolutely bonkers when you look at the world now you could be forgiven for believing that we are being run by a bunch of alien lizards.”

He added: “It does point to something odd happening and I’m not averse to the theory that many world leaders are really cold-blooded reptiles underneath.”

Re: Hooo Boy. Wingnut Poll or Not?

Posted: 01-03-2022 01:46 PM
by Doka
Sheesh! You have no idea how close they are to truth. :hiding: