The Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat FAQ

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The Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat FAQ

Post by Riddick » 08-25-2012 11:10 AM

The Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat FAQ Version 1.0

Q: "Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat"? Why here, why now?

As the (r)evolutionary outgrowth of our ongoing "Art Appreciation Experiment", we here at the Fantastic Forum want to provide a place on the Web for the many fans of the one and only Art Bell to both listen to and chat about classic shows from the halcyon heyday of his creation Coast to Coast AM on a nightly basis.


As to the question "Why now" we pose the question: If not now, then when?

Q: Why just one chat thread? Why not daily or weekly or monthly threads?

For now, we've established a single chat thread for the purposes of keeping things simple, and making the entire experience more flexible in that anyone who's interested in starting off a chat any given evening can do so freely without depending on any designated "Master of Ceremonies" to get things going each night.

Q: Won't a single thread make it difficult to keep track of where each night's chats begin and end?

So much as it may be true that a single thread may make things hard to track from night to night, to help mitigate any difficulties in that regard we suggest anyone initiating a chat copy and paste the following colored line somewhere in their initial post of the evening:

Code: Select all

If in preview mode you see the following banner:


You're doing it right. If not and you can't figure it out, don't fret, someone might come along that can help you fix it later.

Q: Ok, that all sounds pretty reasonable. When should people show up for the nightly chats?

The thought is for any and all who are interested in a chat to come in and start posting in the thread at or around 8p CT each evening (or anytime after). When a new nightly chat is not already in progress, we recommend strongly that anyone still interested start one -

In any case, we also highly recommend that chat starters begin to post some comments and information about the show that's playing and to continue with that for at least some while after kicking things off to help attract additional people into the party.

Q. What should nightly chatters select as the source for Classic Art Bell Shows to listen to?

On Saturday nights for as long as they continue to air, chat clubbers should tune in the current week's Art Bell Somewhere In Time show either for free at the KQNA site, or 'Coast Insider' subscribers might choose to listen at the C2C AM site. That said, so much as the two streams may be out-of-sync, it would probably be best for all to be listening to KQNA's free stream.

Any other night, the freely available FineArtStream with be the source of choice. If there are technical issues with the stream, or if the sound quality is extremely sub-par, as an alternative source U7Radio is also freely available, but MAJOR CAUTION should be taken to ensure that everyone remains 'on the same page' if a switch is made. Additionally, regardless of the source, to help stay in-sync everyone refreshing the stream at the top of an hour is advisable.

Q: You mentioned 'chat clubbers' - what's that all about? Is there an actual club with official membership, ID cards or secret pass signs, etcetera?

There's no official club at this time, but so much as a society may exist, we currently have a choice of either one of two names for the social group to call themselves: "Art Appreciators" or "Coast Outsiders".

Q: KEWL BEANS! Anything else you'd like to mention?

Well, since you asked, as a reference here's some handy dandy links to help enhance everyone's listening & chatting pleasure (particularly when the source site specifically and accurately cites what's playing at any given time) --

For program summaries of shows from 2002 thru April 2009, check out the 'retro' design C2C archive at

You can find summaries for later shows with Art at

Last but not least, for summaries of shows prior to 2002, check out the Wayback Machine archive -

Sep 96 - Dec 02 ... opics.html

- and for earlier shows, who knows? Try a Web search with your engine of choice: include as terms as much as you know about the date, topic, guest, etc. You might get lucky!

In any case FFolks as activity moves ahead in this new ORR subdeck remember, it's a party here, but at the same time don't forget to chat responsibly. ;)

Bobbi Snow
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Re: The Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat FAQ

Post by Bobbi Snow » 01-10-2016 09:12 AM

I have lately been mesmerized by the Midnight in the Desert replays. The ones tonight were especially interesting. I know this is a subscription replay, but it's fun to listen to the Roswell July3rd broadcast from the 50th Roswell party, with Linda Moulton-Howe reporting from Roswell. Also, hearing Budd Hopkins was nice, too - now that Budd's no longer here in the physical with us. Later, an interview Art did with Stuart Wilde was such a wonderful surprise! He spoke of the dimensional contact he's had since he wrote The Quickening. I had no idea he's (Stuart) been in touch with the Grays - Stuart believes them to be from a different dimension, and sort of agrees with Dr. Jacobs that they and the Reptillions are not the sweet being others wish they could be. But I found myself wondering if the reason so many see THEM as dangerous and without compassion for humans, could it be that they're distrustful of US because of the violent human natures being shown all over the globe? Anyway, it's just a thought.
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Re: The Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat FAQ

Post by voguy » 01-10-2016 09:43 AM

MITD was a good show, while it lasted. I saved about 47 of them, which are good to listen to.

Had the show continued with Art I think I would have steered some unknowns to the show which could take the place of some of the ones we so liked. There are some Budd Hopkins and Fthr Martin types out there, undiscovered, and given the right venue they would be excellent guests. IMHO; the best guest is someone not looking to see a book, drive traffic to a web site, or have any agenda to push. They are out there.
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