"Re-Purposing" the Art Bell Classics Deck

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"Re-Purposing" the Art Bell Classics Deck

Post by Riddick » 08-10-2013 11:19 PM

With the start of Art's new show about 5 weeks away, I'm thinking of how we might yet utilize the old show deck both before and after.

Myself being in no better position to moderate along with fewer opportunities for online activities in general, and with no one otherwise being inclined to instigate classic chats thus far, so much as anyone else's interest IN all things Art has been significantly re-kindled (insofar AS it needed to be!) might I suggest doing some radio room 'test-runs' here as both a shake-down AND gear-up in anticipation of the "Dark Matter" kick-off on September 16th?

Beyond that, once regular ORR chats get going again, on 'Dark Matter' off-nights anyone interested in classic show chats could come here to listen and discuss the program playing on u7radio.org (or alternatively at KQNA.com for however long CC continues to air SIT repeats on Saturdays).

Anahoo, just thought I'd throw out some ideas - While this deck hasn't seen much action to this point, I imagine even in some small way it could serve a purpose in the "New Art Order" eh?
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