74M views & not on my news! Shocking "Shooting" Robot! WTheck?

Leading edge technology. Nanobots, gen tech, zero gravity?

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74M views & not on my news! Shocking "Shooting" Robot! WTheck?

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 09-19-2021 07:59 AM

A.I. Paul tells my true story that's seldom replied to under Paranormal. My old friend Paul is also working for free on all of your NOAA Weather radios. :D

Paul is not yet qualified to do what you see in this video!😮

If you are aware of what 74M people have seen let us know in a reply soon.

Lions, tigers, bears, and Gunnery Sergeant Advanced Intelligent Robi! :o

Their debut of a CGI fake soldier!😎

:shock: :shock:

.......all wasteful, climate⚛changing wars. Begun again by the Red Blooded Royals, by a bewitching god-like dictator, or any so called religion, or for any other reasons like a world wide virus pandemic! MK 4/26/15


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