NIMBY Group Asks Residents To Donate Poop

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NIMBY Group Asks Residents To Donate Poop

Post by Riddick » 03-30-2021 10:57 PM

A neighborhood group in Philadelphia is asking opponents of a proposed apartment building to mail in poop samples as part of a study on how gentrification impacts cancer rates.

"We understand you may be concerned about the development of 48th Street and Chester Ave," reads a letter signed by West Philly United Neighbors President Ang Sun, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer, referencing a proposed 83-unit development slated for vacant land that was once a dog park.

"To fight gentrification, we are collaborating with biomedical researchers to investigate if development would adversely affect neighbors' microbiota and increase risk of developing colorectal cancer," the letter continues. "For research purposes, could you please donate your fecal sample (fingernail size)?"

Another flyer put out by the group, and posted to Twitter, fleshes out the link between cancer and gentrification by saying that deadly carcinogens could be released by "irresponsible demolition, excavation, and construction."

"Donate Your Fecal/Stool Sample to Help Fight Gentrification & Irresponsible Development In West Philly" reads the title of that particular emoji-covered flier. One wonders if his flier got any other local NIMBYs to stop flinging poo at the idea of new development long enough to send some toward Sun.

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