The "Snuff Puppets" are Here.

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The "Snuff Puppets" are Here.

Post by Doka » 09-30-2022 11:39 AM

These thing are ABOVE creepy (IMHO)

On the View, Whoopi introduces Little Amal, a terrifying 12-foot puppet that she calls a "powerful symbol of human rights," while an audience of fully-masked Libs applaud

Really Creepy" Snuff Puppets"

Snuff Puppets

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Re: The "Snuff Puppets" are Here.

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 10-09-2022 02:14 PM

Hi out there Doka! Where's this been? But you found an A.I. robot shocker!

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What a lacklustre response that was!

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