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MACK CH 600's Windshield Frames UFO Sphere!

Posted: 04-19-2021 03:45 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
My last sighting of 1 daylight UFO! :(

INDIANA State Route 56 Just West of Petersburg, Indiana..... :shock: 8)

In early November of 2009 surprisingly there were no other coal trucks on Indiana SR 56. I was driving a MACK CH 600 pulling a MAC 39' coal trailer headed West towards Bowman. Two and one half miles from Petersburg there was a slow moving silver sphere reflecting brightly the late morning sun at 11:00 AM. There were NO airplane wings, NO fuselage, NO tail, to view!

Normally there would have been many trucks going either direction. I kept still on the CB radio about that UFO sighting arriving at 5 Star Mining's Vectren Prospect Mine.

The sphere reminded me of the Disney movie "Flight of the Navigator" from 1986. It may have been six to eight feet in diameter, and it looked silver in color. It flew from North to South over the normally busy two lane highway the same speed and lower altitude of a small plane.

REF the San Diego, CA UFO You Tube video catch below: The silver slow moving ball shape I saw did not show antennae-like appendages. :idea:

MK II :ufo: :luke: :wave: