A Point to Ponder

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A Point to Ponder

Post by Doka » 07-29-2022 04:13 AM

This caught my eye, it is something "my mentor" would say to me.

The Decision to Accept the jab or not was a soul decision. You either knew or you didn’t depending on you soul level.
It is why this was a spiritual attack more than anything else.

The hybrids that seemingly control this physical world attacked the higher realm by sending them a quick million dispatched souls to process. The vaxx has killed well over a million at this point. Tens of thousands extra are dying daily.

Many souls incarnated here with the full intention of taking the shot. That’s their choice.
But millions cowered and subjugated themselves when they really didn’t want to. This karma will need to be corrected since it was a soul failure.

We are souls first and this physical life is only a holographic experience that we place far too much emphasis on. As souls we should have all sensed the nefarious intent behind the jab and collectively refused it. If you didn’t have that sense it means your physical body is overriding your soul which means you are likely a new soul. A soul that doesn’t have the strength or experience yet.

In the face of a nightmare situation, your spiritual understanding and soul experience should be such that you stand your ground even in the face of death. Principle is more important than your silly little physical life. If death frightens you then you need to get busy on your spiritual work.

Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities': Voltaire

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