TikTok Permanently Removes MRCTV Account Without Explanation

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TikTok Permanently Removes MRCTV Account Without Explanation

Post by Riddick » 08-01-2022 10:05 PM

TikTok is apparently easily triggered by conservative content that doesn’t serve the propaganda of its communist overlords. FULL STORY
First Facebook (& Yelp). Then Twitter. Now Tiktok.

I sense a pattern here
"Everything Woke turns to Image" - Donald J. Trump

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Re: TikTok Permanently Removes MRCTV Account Without Explanation

Post by Doka » 08-02-2022 01:18 AM

I really don't know much about the "Social Media" scene at all! This Forum is about as Social or Unsocial, depending others views of my positions or stands. I would say in most of these places I would have already been banned, quartered, tortured and jailed. Preaching about Freedom, not only that ,I want for myself but for every one else, is just not very popular these days. It is like farting in the wind , others seem to enjoy this "freedom" but only for them selves, They just plain Hate" Freedom Talk" and their responsibility to the "act" to keep it that way. I have been cussed out and called every name in the book. "Principals before personallities" has been a Motto of mine for a long time. Freedom for ALL, offers such a practicality, in every day life, that I am sure ALL will miss when it is GONE. All they will end up with is A Tribe of continual bitching and hating turning on each other for Not even doing THAT RIGHT! What a world, they have chosen for themselves.

So as Far as Tic-Toc goes, and all the other SM the Chinese have placed in their clutches and the minions can't seem to stay away from it. There Ya go.These places don't sound like much fun .

Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities': Voltaire

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