Whats Wrong With This Article?

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Whats Wrong With This Article?

Post by Doka » 05-24-2020 11:24 PM

Whats Wrong With This Article?

My 1st thought.....that it was necessary for it to be written! At All!

Any More "Green Energy" like this and the People of the World will be too broke to even buy a cheap hand held "Paper Fan".

UK Wind Farms Paid Record £9.3 Million to NOT Run for One Day

The British taxpayer will be footing the majority of a record £9.3 million bill that was paid to wind farms not to run their giant turbines.

On Friday, over 80 wind farms in England and Scotland were given “constraint payments” from the National Grid in exchange for shutting down production of their supposedly green energy. The payout is nearly double the previous record of £4.8 million in October of 2018.

The reason for the shutdown of production was so that the grid would not be overloaded with energy during a time in which many businesses are shut due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The British public will be on the hook for £6.9m that was sent to 66 Scottish wind farms and an additional £1.9m to 14 sites in England.

The director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, Dr John Constable told The Telegraph: “Overdeployment of renewables in the UK, particularly uncontrollable wind and solar, has resulted in a very fragile electricity system, which is inflexible and unable to deal with accidents and unexpected circumstances at a reasonable cost to consumers.”

"Grid balancing expenditure so far this year is already horrific and by the end of the summer it will be terrifying,” Constable added.

“This is a national embarrassment and a disgrace to the management of the electricity sector who have complacently allowed this crisis to develop over the last decade,” he lamented.

The Renewable Energy Foundation revealed that 86 wind farms across the country were given a record £136 in “constraint payments” last year alone.

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https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/0 ... r-one-day/

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Nucking Futz

Post by Riddick » 05-25-2020 05:41 AM

Is what it is
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