Leftist-Approved Price Gouging

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Leftist-Approved Price Gouging

Post by Riddick » 04-21-2022 09:56 PM

The concept of “price gouging” is usually stupid. Corporations price products and services to maximize profits. Prices are governed not by corporate fiat, but by supply and demand.

Yet there are two situations where the concept of price gouging can have reality. The first is price fixing, which has been illegal for more than a century, and the second is the world of government-regulated monopolies. There, price gouging actually can occur, with government sanction.

The entire “green” movement is corrupt. Corporate financiers are reaping billions in profits by building unreliable and inefficient wind farms and solar installations, along with transmission lines and the natural gas plants that operate the large majority of the time when wind and solar don’t show up for work.

Powerful utilities actually lobby to convince legislatures to impose mandates that require them to invest these billions and to charge ratepayers–all of us–the cost, plus a guaranteed profit. Sweet deal if you can get it, and the reason why the cost of electricity is now skyrocketing.

What is going on here is the most massive fraud of our time. “Green” ideologues drive misconceptions about energy that cause the public to favor wind and solar, despite their obvious deficiencies. Many of these ideologues are on the gravy train in various ways.

The whole fraud is run by the Left, and when a leftist outfit tries to expose price gouging, and is right–for once!–they are quietly taken aside and someone explains, No no, these are our price gougers. Gougers that operate with a mandate from environmentalists and Democratic Party politicians, who share in the booty.

Oops, says the far-left activist group. Sorry! And they quickly retreat. No problem, since they never cared about ratepayers and taxpayers–those who are not astonishingly rich–in the first place. Could the Left possibly be more corrupt? It wouldn’t be easy.


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