The Great Light Bulb Conspiracy

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The Great Light Bulb Conspiracy

Post by Riddick » 11-10-2020 05:09 PM

At one time in history, it was possible to buy a light bulb that would last more than 100 years. We know this because one of those bulbs is still burning at a fire station in Livermore California, 119 years after it was first switched on. Apparently an extremely durable design, it isn’t the only surviving bulb of this construction, simply the oldest, though many others of the same design are close.

In more modern times, while incandescent bulbs have largely been replaced by compact fluorescent and LED lights, the extreme longevity of the Livermore Bulb design can make one wonder: why don’t today’s lightbulbs last anywhere near as long? Amazingly, the answer lies not in the complex and inscrutable interplay of economic forces but rather in a bona fide dark conspiracy: the Phoebus Cartel.

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