Fact BLOCKERS: The Ministry Of Truth At Work

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Fact BLOCKERS: The Ministry Of Truth At Work

Post by Riddick » 01-01-2022 01:00 PM

Science without opposing views isn't science, it's religion.

Of all the Orwellian things going on these days, "fact-checking" has to be near the top of the list: It's not fact-checking, it's political / ideological purity checking. It's not about facts, it's about control.

Facebook and its so-called "fact-checker," Science Feedback, censors not just John Stossel, it censors respected science writers John Tierney, Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg.

Why would Facebook work with a group of left-wingers called the Poynter Institute to censor important facts? Stossel goes into that in the video above.
There are none so asleep & oblivious to the real world as those who are & would be Woken.

"Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out." - David Horowitz

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