Art Bell, subscription fee for archived programs, & more?

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Post by ElKamino » 04-04-2002 01:29 AM

Ya see, thats the thing. When you're hungery,you work that much harder to create a product that people will want. Once Art figured out that he was on to something, he began to refine the show. He struck a chord with folks, by giving them a radio program that was off bubble, weird, and not available anywhere else. As time went by, he garnered a guest list that kept us all tuning in night after night. As his popularity grew, so did interest from larger corporate enities. Art now has over 500 stations in his stable, a fact that he touts almost nightly. He's making a ton of money, and has some clout in the world of broadcasting. But, he's not hungery any more. He's made it. The thrill of working at a goal is gone. It must be hard to be interesting five nights a week. Not many people can do it. In fact, I dont think there is one radio personality out there capable of such a feat. Sometimes, staying small and close to your audience, is the smartest way to go. I mean, if you really have a deep, abiding, passion for radio, that is...

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Post by Morgan » 04-04-2002 01:38 AM

I don't like the changes since the old days... or since the really old days. I've been a listener for a long time, and I really miss the crazy old show. The kind of show he had with the Mel's Hole II interview was almost like being in a time warp. Stuff so weird Art didn't know what to say. Wow.

The sad thing is, that sort of show used to happen quite frequently--almost every night. While George is okay... certainly better than most subs... I don't anticipate him having any of that kind of "classic" shows. I hope he does, though.

I agree that some of the problem at least is Premrad. Some of it is Art's back. Some of it is just time and wear and tear. I hate to see it go, and I hope the change will morph into something more like his older shows.

I think it is permanent. It "feels" like Art is working his way out of it... maybe because he's frustrated or tired of some unseen hassles, maybe because he's just had it with Premrad and wants to play with his radio station... but it does have the feel of an exit.

Boy, do I ever hope I am wrong. Most predictions of Art leaving are.

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Morgan the Primate
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Post by Linnea » 04-04-2002 11:41 PM

When Art does go - if he's accessible anywhere on radio - he'll take most of his audience with him.

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Post by Barry » 04-05-2002 06:10 PM

Premere is a huge station buying company and yes they do pull the strings - I've even noticed it here after KFI AM640 was taken over, that the morning drive show with Bill Handel has toned down from their kick bXXX programing. Linnea is right, we will follow Art no matter where he goes if we like his style that much. As for commercials, I NEVER LISTEN to them. They insult intelligents!

WELCOME ALAN62 to the FF. Enjoy. I know I have since joining this great site!
INPUT... DATA... Always welcome here!

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Post by Kevin » 04-06-2002 07:07 AM

My prediction...

When KNYE starts selling spots (Art's keeping it commercial free for one year)things will change. He'll need to either hire someone or do it himself...

Where's VLA when ya need'em?

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Post by Cherry Kelly » 04-06-2002 12:01 PM

Alan -- welcome aboard.

I'm a long time Art Bell listener with VCR tapes to prove it. Do you notice how often he mentions the ability to TAPE his shows. He is not happy with the fee for archived programs...

I met Art and Ramona back in '98 (ALaskan cruise) - while Art is a bit shy, Ramona isn't. They make a good combination!

I have noticed in the past few weeks that Art seems to be returning to the fun guy he was some years ago. I like it!

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Post by Alan62 » 04-06-2002 01:29 PM

Thanks again for the welcomes,
Cherry Kelly, yes I have noticed he suggested ways of taping the show using VCR's and radio recorders ect.
I see your point though maybe hes just feeling guilty!
Or maybe he doesnt have any control of the situation, he blamed it on bandwith expenses if I remember right, could be true.
But that Rush Limburger guy planted the seed, I just know it, he he he. WHooo Knows .
I havent been able to listen but maybe a couple times since the subscription service was introduced.
Also he could record it and submit it to Live 365 , or why not get the revenue from advertisers, let the recordings run with commericials to pay the expenses. Oh well, theres lots of great free audio on the web in all genres.
Im listening to some right now, yee haw.
so long,

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Post by jeri sexton » 04-06-2002 07:39 PM

Hi Alan62 Image
You started a very interesting thread right off the bat..
Everyone who put their 2 cents in, was pretty right on the money.. As that's the name of the game in this business..
As far as Corporate Control of the airways, the free air is getting thinner and thinner..
Capitalizing on certain radio talents.. like Art Bell, who when he's hot, he's hot.. and when he's not.. well he is still Art Bell.. the guy that keeps us tuning in.. and now (we)listening with a finer tuned in ear, for the real feel and sometimes the real speel..
Current events, and his take on it, sometimes.. if he is in the mood..

Art has learned alot in the past 6 or 7 yrs. and has taken his audience along for the ride.. But i do believe his personal quest is a done deal, with corporate radio.. and he now reflects on things that are coming down the pike and they don't look too good for the planet as we know it now.. He has become a wiser man... and still not totally bought and paid for, by the suits..
I think he wonders, at times, if he should take the time for more of his personal endevours, Like KNYE..His own , he and Ramona's, his personal guide and spiritual bond in this life.. his strength, and constant companion.. His true love.. and partner in life.. and he considers his close family.. his Mom, Son.. and whoever else he lets into his personal life..
The man walks a fine line, beyond the twilight hours.. Sometimes a lonely walk.. but reflective..

.. Well, back to the topic, lol.. Subscription fee for what you may have missed live..
If ya don't get it by now, ya pay for what ya want, and if ya want it bad enough, ya pay the price..
We do it all the time.. Do i want a Jack in the Box, Jumbo Jack, or a Prime Rib Steak.. , then ya count your coins.. and that usually makes the decision..

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Post by Alan62 » 04-06-2002 08:37 PM

Waverider, I guess your right maybe one day I'll spring for it but I'm still trying to digest the whole concept right now.
Speaking of digestion,
Remember pay toilets?
Dont see them anymore!
I hope Arts archived radio subscription service go the way of pay toilets.
Sorry for the gross comparison, but it was kinda funny if I may say so myself!,
so long, Alan

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Post by eliza_nightvoice » 04-07-2002 04:27 PM

You've got something there, Alan. The WC's are now free and they're better maintained.
Was wondering why my book on the 25 great free rest rooms in NYC wasn't selling.

Back to the drawing board. Image

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Post by Alan62 » 04-07-2002 05:31 PM

I remember as a kid @ Howard Johnsons they had those little machines { a dime } on the bathroom stall doors. Think about that , everyone has had stomach problems, you run to the john & have no dime? Geeze what kind ofr idea was that?
Also charging for air for car tires, They recently changed that rule in NY but still see one every once in a while. I had a tirecomeoff the rim and the car crashed because I didnt have a quarter?!
Are you listening Art? mat your radio archive fees go the way of the Pay toilets,
Amen, alan


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