Spanish galleon shipwreck discovered on Oregon coast

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Spanish galleon shipwreck discovered on Oregon coast

Post by Doka » 06-20-2022 01:35 PM

Timbers from the wreck of a 17th-century Spanish galleon have been discovered the northern coast of the U.S. state of Oregon, local officials have confirmed.

The extraordinarily rare hull remains were removed from sea caves near Manzanita earlier this week in a risky emergency recovery mission involving archaeologists, law enforcement personnel, and search-and-rescue teams from multiple state and local agencies.

Photograph by Balazs Gardi, National Geographic

“I’m impressed and relieved,” says Scott Williams, an archaeologist with the Washington State Department of Transportation and president of the Maritime Archaeology Society (MAS), an all-volunteer group that spearheaded a 15-year search for the shipwreck.

The dozen timbers are believed to be pieces of the Santo Cristo de Burgos, a Spanish galleon that was sailing from the Philippines to Mexico in 1693 when it veered off course and vanished, most likely wrecking on what’s now Oregon’s coast. Its cargo included costly Chinese silk, porcelain, and blocks of beeswax for making candles.

Full Article/ Ptctures ... egon-coast


nationalgeographic. USA Demands that you sign in before you can read Articles.
Has no problems. So unless you want to be bombared the Disney Trans news stick with the UK version , until they surcome.

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