All-electric flying car takes to the sky in Dubai

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All-electric flying car takes to the sky in Dubai

Post by Doka » 10-11-2022 10:17 AM

Dubai sure seems be in THE 21st Century, right out of the "Jetson's"

A flying car could whisk tourists around cities at speeds of up to 80mph in just a few years' time, a company has claimed.

The all-electric XPeng X2 is expected to stick to an altitude of roughly 300ft – around the height of Big Ben.

But the two-seater, which can be flown remotely, can also reach as high as the Empire State Building.

For those worried about its 35-minute maximum flight time, it also has a parachute attached in case of any mishaps.

Chinese firm XPeng believe it would be 'perfect' for short-distance city journeys, such as sightseeing and transporting medical supplies.

It is expected to cost the same as a luxury car, such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce, and come to market by 2025.

Videos/ Article/ Comments(if you want) ... eeing.html

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Re: All-electric flying car takes to the sky in Dubai

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 10-11-2022 01:24 PM

Whoa Doka!

As a 55 year, with boo coo accident free miles, semi driver. I pass!

I like the parachute but recharging it where you land might be sketchy!

The new owners will need their own Saudi raceways to drive it on to keep those rotors from being knocked off in heavy traffic!😂

Landing it at the groceries mall in their own parking places might pose a problem leaving with too much weight to carry up!👳

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