Bringing Back The Ford "Capri": Down Memory Lane

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Bringing Back The Ford "Capri": Down Memory Lane

Post by Doka » 03-22-2023 09:58 AM

Ford 'to relaunch the Capri': Iconic 70s 'working man's Porsche' still loved by celebrities to get electric makeover as it returns after 40 years - as a crossover costing £40,000 ... sktop_home

I saw this today , and it sparked a very funny memory, that I will share.

It was around Sept of 1974, my husband and I where going to the coast, and we had just bought a sweet little used Capri, it was a neat little car and we happily hit the freeway on our journey west to the ocean. I happened to be looking in the back seat for something and noticed the car behind us made some quick swerving movements, and noticed something like water bounceing off the highway. Odd! My husband and I where discussing the mystery, when I was again twisted around , rummaging in the back seat, when I put my hand through where the back side window was suppose to be, and it was NOT THERE ANYMORE! It was so strange as there was no increase in noise level,just a maybe a slight difference in air pressure in the car. By the time we got to Portland, both where windows where gone. I will always wonder about the poor people behind us(not for long) dodging the windows falling off our car.! The mechanic we consulted when we got to Portland didn't seem surprised, it seemed it was a common ailment with that particullar model of Capri.

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Re: Bringing Back The Ford "Capri": Down Memory Lane

Post by Riddick » 03-22-2023 10:25 AM

At least losing windows didn't disable or damage the car (or its passengers) the way an exploding battery would1

Working Man's Porsche? Maybe then but not now. Average American affordability doesn't apply to EVs.
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