The Weird Lies Harry and Meghan Tell

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The Weird Lies Harry and Meghan Tell

Post by Doka » 05-18-2023 04:23 PM

Don't the people know how "Important " they are? :realmad:

The Duke and Duchess of Exaggeration are at it again. They simply cannot stay out of the limelight for long because they value their privacy (or something). Meghan Markle was accused during the coronation of calling paparazzi to take photos of her while she was hiking. There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for how paparazzi would show up in exactly the right place on a deserted California hiking trail to catch the complaining Duchess mid-hike. American magazines aren’t so interested in the Harkles (as they’re called by some) that they are stalking them, are they? Or is it more likely that the attention-starved woman who didn’t get an invite to the coronation wanted to make sure she wasn’t forgotten?

Wonderful Full Article Right Here :D ... l-n1696340

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Psychopathic Sociopolitical Science

Post by Riddick » 05-18-2023 05:42 PM

Doka wrote: 05-18-2023 04:23 PM Don't the people know how "Important " they are? :realmad:
This is beyond the realm of theoretical physics but to me from the looks of it Harry & Meghan are aiming for a self-absorption point where they collapse in on themselves & form an epic black hole that'd suck in the entire known universe. Through sheer force of will they'd forever become all of creation's one & only center of attention -

It's not just them. All Wokies want reality to bend to their call. And for sure they're actively putting that notion to the test. What doesn't suit them, they'll deny to the end of time. When their make-believe doesn't materialize, they double down on lies & what they can't control they'd rather destroy by the crushing force of Woke gravity.

It's hard to overstate the situation as they work their "magic" into all aspects of life! - At the least thermodynamically, if there's any chance to avoid total annihilation from Woke actions, meeting them with equal & opposite reactions would be a good start.
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