FDA Bans Farmers from Caring for Their Own Animals Without Costly Vet Approval

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FDA Bans Farmers from Caring for Their Own Animals Without Costly Vet Approval

Post by Doka » 05-26-2023 07:29 PM

And so it begins . OREGON has a few brave politicians that have "Walked" to stop legislation at the cost of being banned to ever run for office again. They don't want to see children removed from parents, like Wasninton state voted for! Thank you brave people!

For the last, oh, I don’t know… forever… ranchers and farmers large and small have taken care of their livestock with antibiotics and antimicrobials that were available at farm stores. These medicines treat common illnesses and infections that people who own large animals and livestock are very familiar with and qualified to treat. They have been trusted to do so for as long as these medicines have been available. The first chicken antibiotics were introduced in 1948. Since then, there has been no call nor reason to regulate these items. Many farmers and ranchers tend to many of their animals’ veterinary needs, which is a part of being a responsible animal handler who needs to keep costs down.

It would be ridiculous to take a chicken to the vet. When chickens are sick, you consult with other chicken owners and go buy the needed items to make them well again. It was a good system.

But NOW, the unelected, unaccountable, faceless, nameless, power-hungry monarchs at the FDA have decided that none of our farmers, ranchers, or hobbyists will be allowed to have those medicines anymore without visiting the vet for a prescription. This will cost the farmers tens of thousands of dollars a year in added vet bills, which they will then pass onto the consumer, forcing prices even higher during a time of record inflation.

There was no debate in Congress, no federal law passed, no chance for a town hall or public debate, no reading of a bill, no commercials warning the public so they could stop this encroachment on liberty and sanity. We have been informed by federal decree that this is now our new reality.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released new antibiotic guidance pertaining to animal drugs containing medically-important antimicrobials for use in companion and food production animals that are currently approved for over-the-counter (OTC) marketing.

Under the guidance, FDA stated several antibiotics familiar to ranchers and other livestock owners will no longer be available OTC.

The intent of the new antibiotic guidance is to ensure animal drugs that contain antimicrobials important for humans are not being overused or used incorrectly, said Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) Associate Director of Commodity and Regulatory Activities Tracy Tomascik.
“There are many antibiotics used in both human and animal medicine, and there’s concern that overuse or misuse of those medicines can contribute to antimicrobial resistance,” he said. “FDA has been updating its antimicrobial medication guidelines for several years now. This is the latest update in a string of changes to the way ranchers can access medication for livestock use.”

https://pjmedia.com/columns/megan-fox/2 ... l-n1698371

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Micromanagement Much?

Post by Riddick » 05-27-2023 01:38 AM

Leftist control freaks. Leftist control freaks everywhere. And Wokies are the worst of the bunch - Leeway isn't in their vocabulary. Given time nothing will escape their tight and onerous oversight: It's all about 'reimaging' farming for a safe & sustainable future -

And in that future the only legal livestock left for ranchers to raise will be bugs. Enjoi!

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