2023 NYE Date Significant In Numerology

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2023 NYE Date Significant In Numerology

Post by Riddick » 12-31-2023 11:56 PM

The upcoming year will be filled with blessings, at least that is what the numerical sequence of this New Year’s Eve date suggests according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac website.

If you take a closer look at the date, written as 12/31/23 or even 123123, you might see an angel number, which are repeating number sequences, often used as a guide for deeper spiritual exploration.

The once-in-a-century date, which won’t be seen again on our calendars until Dec. 31, 2123, marks a new beginning, one that asks us to “transform and evolve with the times and in the right place to embrace what is coming to us.” FULL STORY

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