Know Whut I Mean, Ron?

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Know Whut I Mean, Ron?

Post by Riddick » 02-02-2024 04:01 AM

White House press secretary Larry Speakes started a briefing on April 21, 1986 saying he'd go over President Reagan's Asia trip logistics after a short comment on "economic policy, monetary policy, and so forth," from "a deputy assistant to the president."

"His name, for the record, or for your information only," Speakes continued, "…is J. Albert Varney." It didn't make much sense. Why was this unknown, presumably low-ranking "J. Albert" taking the podium?

And why, if this was a background briefing, were cameras present? "What are we taking a picture of?" one reporter asked. That became clear as soon as J. Albert spoke, his voice hitting the mic as he walked into the briefing room.

"Vern?" In walked actor Jim Varney, dressed as his Ernest P. Worrell character.


"I figured maybe Vern was here," he said once the reporters' first wave of laughter subsided. "He wandered off the tour. We were just gonna go check out that Smith Brothers museum. And besides that, he's got my lunch money."


Varney kept the press corps in stitches for the next 10 minutes. He changed hats to play other characters — an old man giving complicated directions to the White House, a service station clerk helping Ernest with his taxes.

Afterwards, Speakes went back to the briefing. He went over a few details about the G7 summit and answered a couple questions. It was the dry work of DC again. Ernest was a diversion, a way to have fun with the people Speakes usually sparred with.

Statements of higher consequence have been made from the press room podium. That microphone has recorded a lifetime of speeches all worthy of parsing and might offer a deeper understanding of our world - Good luck getting that from Karine Jean-Pierre! -

Today, when the White House press secretary speaks one might ask, "Is this some kind of joke?” Fact is there's nothing funny about this administration. KnowhutImean?
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