The Trans-Children Era Is About To Be Memory-Holed

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The Trans-Children Era Is About To Be Memory-Holed

Post by Riddick » 02-07-2024 12:25 AM

With growing revulsion to the child mutilation industry, and with it clearly being a political loser for Democrats, the New York Times ran an opinion piece last week that would have been unthinkable even a year ago:

As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do.

The significance of this shocking piece, receiving much coverage throughout all media, is that the Times is alerting the left that it’s time to abandon transgenderism.

As passionate as affluent white liberals are about transing children, much of the Democrats’ coalition is repulsed by this act of human sacrifice. few weeks ago, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed legislation banning child gender surgeries. A dozen Democrats crossed party lines to support the ban.

There are some acts of evil that were once widely accepted, but once the tides turned against them, the nature of those practices became so incomprehensible that virtually no one would ever claim to having supported them. The trans-child social contagion will be remembered similarly.

A day is coming when it will be hard to find any politician or person of authority who will acknowledge having supported this atrocity. Expect there to be a massive scrubbing of Internet records by those needing to distance themselves from their advocacy for or involvement in healthy children being butchered and sterilized..

We are in primary season, and despite the NYT sending up a warning flare about the end of the child-transing era, it will be hard for Dems running for office this cycle to fully renounce puberty blockers and child trans surgeries. This is an opportunity to get them on record stating their support for the “gender affirming care” they will someday disavow.

So, what do we do? Document. Document. Document. In every state and municipality there are up-and-coming politicians and political aspirants who have been very public about their support for “gender affirming care” for minors. Get screenshots and videos of their advocacy before they scrub their records and pretend it never happened.

Before long, our elites will be dismissing all talk of child sex changes as just another right-wing conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, victims who surrendered their bodies to an evil fad when they were children will be discarded and forgotten. The damage done can never be reversed, but at a minimum they can sue and seek to financially harm the ghouls who played mad scientist on their bodies.

But most importantly, there will need to be accountability. Anyone who once advocated for gender-transitioning children does not have the judgment to ever again be involved in formulating public policy. Let’s get their opinions on the record.

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