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Empire State Police State

Post by Riddick » 03-07-2024 02:43 PM

Yesterday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that 750 National Guardsmen and 250 state police officers will be deployed to patrol the New York City subway system, Hochul's attempt at combating recent high-profile crimes, like the incident in which an A train conductor's neck was slashed last week.

Interpreted as a tactic by major Democrats in major cities to be responsive to people's crime fears, it looks a lot like pandering. Neither Mayor Adams nor Hochul is up for reelection this year, but the political tides feel like they're turning in a direction of even soft-on-crime liberals being dissatisfied with the status quo.

Perhaps New Yorkers would prefer to have cops going through their handbags during rush hour so they can feel like the city has finally started to do something. The problem is that the something actually matters, and that random searches, which violate people's privacy, should not be taken lightly or instituted for political gain.


Militarization of law enforcement? Yeah, that's the NYC subway ticket! "See? We do care about public safety!" ... in an election year. OK, so it means sacrificing privacy, but really, random searches aren't so bad once you get used to them.

I'd say what this is is not so much a change of heart & defund police policy reversal as a way for Woke Dems to exercise their authoritarian/totalitarian tendencies.
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