Trump Wows 'Em With Ad-Lib Humor In MN

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Trump Wows 'Em With Ad-Lib Humor In MN

Post by Riddick » 05-19-2024 07:57 PM

Tossing out hilarious zingers, jabs & bits left & right all night, the featured speaker's remarks at Saturday's sold-out state GOP Lincoln Reagan dinner did not disappoint. A good time was had by all attendees, tho blue state Dems were totally not amused.


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Re: Trump Wows 'Em With Ad-Lib Humor In MN

Post by Doka » 05-20-2024 08:04 AM

Trump is an Amazing man! I know of no other human that could take all the blood thirsty HATE and dragging through the mud as he has and still be up-right! Every human should take notice ! If you will notice, the more they charge him of their own stunning crimes, the stronger he seems to get. Trump is the perfect imperfect man, as we all are !

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