Trump Takes The Bronx

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Trump Takes The Bronx

Post by Riddick » 05-25-2024 02:49 AM


It would be an understatement to say official New York — that is, Democratic officials in New York — was hostile to Donald Trump holding a campaign rally in the Bronx. The Democratic establishment's message was: “We hate you. Stay out.” But the message of the thousands who showed up for Trump’s rally was: “We love you. Come back.”


How many thousands? The NY Post reported, “The event was permitted to host up to 3,500 people, but thousands more gathered outside security checkpoints in the hope of catching a glimpse of the 45th president or a sample of his remarks.” In fact, Trump rallies are almost always far bigger than anyone else’s, sometimes by multiples.

A few facts about the Bronx: With 1.38 million people, it is the next-smallest of NYC’s 5 boroughs, but the most nonwhite: 56% Hispanic, 28% black, 4% Asian, & 8% white. Nationally, Trump is trying to increase his appeal to minority voters, so despite all the talk of how unlikely a place for a rally it was, in fact it was not a bad place to go.

No, Trump is not going to win New York. But the fact is Trump did better in New York City in 2020 than he did in 2016, and the reason was … more votes in the Bronx. “The results reflect Mr. Trump’s gains in majority-Latino communities, which Republicans said they hoped to build on in coming elections,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

There has been lots of polling suggesting Trump’s support nationwide among Hispanic voters is rising again. The reason for his continued improvement among Latino voters is not terribly hard to figure out: 1) They go to the grocery store like everyone else & 2) like everyone else, they see Biden is in no shape to serve as president until age 86.

Trump’s foray received a lot of attention. And he made the most of it. He focused on economic matters & the border. He gave life lessons. And Trump did something that in a political campaign is more important than anything else: He showed up. “Biden didn’t come to the Bronx,” a 19-year-old resident told Politico. “Trump is here.”

Finally, Trump showed extraordinary physical vigor — he spoke for one hour and 33 minutes with a high level of energy. The contrast between his speech and Biden’s appearances the same day, when he appeared feeble and had to read prepared texts to answer three questions during a brief press conference, was remarkable.

The race is close, with no way to predict what will happen. But for a lot of reasons, Trump’s appearance in the Bronx has to be worrisome for the Biden team. Perhaps that is why so many Democratic politicians were so angry that Donald Trump, the essential New Yorker, had the audacity to campaign in New York.

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Re: Trump Takes The Bronx

Post by Raggedyann » 06-05-2024 02:53 PM

You still worship this mentally deranged man baby? What's wrong with you?

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