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Prognosis 2012

How we came to live under fascism

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Returning to Our Roots:
The Harmonization Initiative

by Richard K Moore


Richard K Moore and friend Monica ~ Wexford, Ireland
Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance
Escaping from the Matrix - Are you ready for the Red pill?

Jerry Fresia
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by David C. Korten
The Positive Futures Network &
The People–Centered Development Forum


"A community will evolve only when
 the people control their means of communication"

    - Frantz Fanon


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How the world works
and how we can change it

by Richard K Moore


mini-bio ~ Richard K Moore

After a long career in software research & development in Silicon Valley, Richard decided to take an extended sabbatical to pursue writing and political analysis.  He moved to Wexford in '94, launched some email discussion forums, and began developing his ideas by publishing essays to these forums and entering into dialog with the subscribers.  Some of these subscribers were magazine editors, and soon he began publishing articles in various magazines worldwide. These can all be found on his website:

By the end of '97 Richard had completed his analysis of globalization, and found himself in agreement with folks like Michel Chossudovsky, David Korten, and Richard Douthwaite.  He then began investigating the question "What can be done?".  After looking into various reform alternatives, and at popular movements (past and present), he came to the conclusion that only one thing can save humanity from the devastations of rampant hyper-capitalism: a radical, global grassroots movement. 

The challenges facing this movement are historically unique, and Richard's most recent work is devoted to understanding how this movement can come together as a community, and how it can develop a program for a new society and a strategy for victory.


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